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  • Household Gloves

    Household Gloves

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    Household Gloves are traditionally used by people cleaning in the home and are popular with professional cleaners for cleaning at work, such as offices, cafes and other places. The thickness of the gloves and the long cuffs provide excellent protection for all general cleaning tasks and are useful for all chores where the hands need to be put into water or cleaning chemicals such as washing up liquid and other detergents. Household Gloves provide protection when vacuuming, dusting, and polishing etc.

  • Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves

    Latex Gloves


    Latex gloves are a natural material, made out of rubber.  They are a popular choice of protective glove for medical or industrial use.  The primary reason people would choose an alternative to latex is that many people suffer from latex allergies.  When allergy is not a concern, latex does have a slight advantage with comfort and dexterity over nitrile gloves.

    Some attributes of Latex Gloves include the following:  Fit like a second skin, Have a high level of touch sensitivity, Are good for wearing for an extended amount of time, Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material, Are cost-effective, Are very elastic and strong also being biodegradable.

  • Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile Gloves


    Nitrile gloves are made out of synthetic rubber and are an ideal alternative when latex allergies are of concern. Nitrile gloves are the superior glove when it comes to puncture resistance. Nitrile gloves are often referred to as “medical grade.”  Before gloves can be marketed to hospitals and medical institutions, they must undergo a series of tests to ensure their durability.

    Some attributes of Nitrile Gloves include the following: Latex-free, Are most puncture-resistant, Have a high level of sensitivity, Mold to your hand for a great fit, Are good for wearing an extended amount of time, Work well for high-risk situations involving infectious material, Resist many chemicals, Have a long shelf life. 

  • Polythene Gloves

    Polythene Gloves

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    Polythene gloves offer basic light protection, for a variety of tasks. These low-cost disposable gloves are lightweight, latex-free, powder-free and available in size medium and large.

    NOTE: Polythene Gloves should not be used for clinical interventions or within an environment where there is a biohazard risk.

  • Vinyl Gloves

    Vinyl Gloves

    Vinyl Gloves


    Vinyl gloves are a popular choice for use by care home staff, food industry workers and other situations where high levels of durability and protection are less of a priority. While they may be less durable, they are the less expensive option.

    Some attributes of Vinyl Gloves include the following: Latex-free, Have a looser fit, Are good for short-term low-risk tasks, Are the most economic option, Have anti-static properties, Are best for use with non-hazardous materials.